Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Best Styles of Long Coats for Women this Season

A coat is a winter accessory that is not just an article of requirement but also a representation of the latest styles. Every year you take out your old classics and buy a few trendy pieces. Styles come and go but there are certain coats that are very ‘in’ this season. Long knitted coats and those in varied fabrics are available at local markets. But when you want the very best women’s knitted coats, you should try looking for women’s coats online. A wonderful collection of classy and fashionable pieces awaits you. Here is a look at some of the season’s best long knitted coats -
• The Classic Trench – Indispensible for the sheer style that it lends the wearer; this is a must-have. It has been in style for many years and shall be there for a long time to come. Very feminine and stylish, own it in white or black and then build on your collection of colours from there.

• The Dress Coat – It easily straddles the difference between a dress and a coat and is a multi-utility piece. It is trendy and very impressive. Pair it with your favourite dress or button up and wear as it is for a chic look.

• The Pea Coat – The Broad lapels and double breasted front are very smart and this women’s knitted coat can transform any winter day into a treat for the eyes. Go for neutral colours or buy one in neon. Whatever you choose, rest assured, you will be warm and stylish day-in and day-out.

• The Puffer or Quilted Coat – This coat is for the very cold winter day. Without obstructing you, it makes you cosy-up in a jiffy. Choose bright colours so that the dull winter doesn’t seem intimidating.

• The Walker Coat – With a clean front and feminine cut, this coat is a very coveted style and can be ordered online. Shop for this women’s coat online and get a range of colours from neutrals, pastels and neon.

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