Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Warm and Trendy Women’s Cardigan Sweaters

No more the reserve of headmistresses, librarians and the elderly; women’s cardigans have become a fashionable clothing article of late. Celebrities and classy women prefer them over pullover sweaters to create a sophisticated look. Warm and stylish, cardigans have become quite a rage in fashionable circles. Paired with skirts, trousers and skinny jeans with equal ease, women’s cardigan sweaters are truly versatile. Made in a variety of styles and materials, they can be made formal or casual to suit the occasion. There are the button-down ones, zippered cardigans, tie-ups, wraparounds, collared and hooded cardigans that will suit the tastes of even the most finicky dresser.

Women’s cardigan sweaters come in coarse wool and loose styles for casual wear. The wool can range from shaded to plain colours and the design can be patterned or embroidered and you can select the one that is best for you. Women’s cardigans are selected based on the purpose of its use. For formal wear, try to select deep colours or soft pastels in fine wools like angora, cashmere or lamb’s wool. For a casual look leave the cardigan open and pair with a chic scarf and skinny jeans or a skirt. Even with a kurti and tights, a cardigan can add a lot of freshness to the look. Pair a plain cardigan with a printed inner and a patterned one with plain inners for best effect.

A longer women’s cardigan will create the look of a leaner silhouette where as a shorter style will add bulk. Make sure the style that you choose looks good on you. For the maximum variety in terms of colour, styling, brands and wool, shop for your cardigans online and be mesmerised by the variety on offer at the best possible rates. International brands that you desire and the latest cuts that are in fashion, all can be bought at a single store. Warmth, this winter, is just a click away.

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